Doncho Donchev was the only Bulgarian artist at Milan World’s Fair – Expo 2015.

Exhibitions like Expo 2015 in Milan take place every five years. The next one will be in 2020 in Dubai. The idea of Milan Expo is to gather art works from different countries so that the public can get to know the world’s cultural diversity.

One of Picasso’s most famous works “Guernica” was painted and first presented at a similar exhibition in 1937. Many great artists have participated in these exhibitions during the years – one of them is Doncho Donchev.

The citizens of Milan had the chance to contemplate an ambitious project of Donchev’s called “Reflections” (In Italian -„Riflessioni“). The project was introduced at the exposition thanks to the famous Swiss gallerist and EXPO curator Arminio Sciolli and under the aegis of the most-read daily Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

In Milan Doncho Donchev enjoyed a warm welcome. Happiness took me over as I was really appreciated for the creations of my hand and mind”, claimed the artist.

Expo 2015 lasted for six months. Donchev’s works were exhibited there for 3 weeks. After the exposition in Italy his painting „Riflessioni“ will be displayed in “Rivellino – Leonardo Da Vinci Art Gallery“, Switzerland.

During Expo Milan 2015 visitors had the opportunity to take a peek at the artist’s studio and admire him while he was working. For all the spectators the event was like a revelation as they witnessed the creation of a painting. They saw the concentrated Doncho Donchev in front of the easel. They discovered the beauty of the brush that was dipped into the paint, the birth of the shades, the touch between pencil and paper and the images that emerged on the canvas, volumised and then came to life. Artists almost never allow anyone so close.

Doncho Donchev painted a horse on a big canvas with а pencil and a chalk. The horse looked determined, proud of its flight and imposing figure, and fully aware of its nobility. In order to complete his work, Donchev made a collage from pieces of the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”. The collage reflected the body of the horse. The canvas was seen by thousands of people and definitely hit the spot.

Doncho Donchev is detail-oriented, which makes his works very persuasive and pleasing to the eye. The artist had a couple of exhibitions in Switzerland. In the future he will take part in many other projects as well. He loves to draw comics and illustrate books. Doncho Donchev enjoys painting and feels extremely happy as his works appeal to the others.

Source: 24 chasa