Мetamorphoses, oil on canvas

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which accommodates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, have hosted the exhibition of the Bulgarian artist Doncho Donchev.

The exhibition was organized by the Bulgarian Embassy in Switzerland in honor of the Bulgarian Minister of Education – Mеglena Kuneva, who was paying a visit to CERN at the time.

The title of the exhibition was “Particle Metamorphosis”. It included 22 paintings. The theme of the exhibition was “The Creation” and its manifestations in legends, biblical parables and myths.

CERN operates the largest and most powerful particle accelerator that has ever existed. Thus Doncho Donchev claimed that he was really happy to be there along with his works.

During an interview he said: “I was very excited from the moment I found out about the opportunity to present my paintings there”.

“The exhibition took place thanks to the Bulgarian Embassy and the ambassador Meglena Plugchieva. There were other Bulgarians at CERN that also contributed for the arrangement of the event”, revealed Donchev.

Doncho Donchev informed us that his paintings were situated in the main hall of CERN.  The biggest and most important ones were located in the central part of the premise.

The title of the exhibition “Particle Metamorphosis” was perfectly synchronized with the place and its atmosphere. “On the one hand I chose this title because of the particle accelerator and on the other hand for the themes it represented – genesis and creation”, explained Doncho Donchev.

I have been working on these themes for a long time. I think that they have always been universal and major to science and humanity”, claimed the artist.

He created a special project for the exhibition at CERN. It combined works that he had painted during the years.

At CERN Doncho Donchev had the chance to meet a delegation from Bulgaria as well as many people who were part of The European Organization for Nuclear Research.

The artist had many other projects and different exhibitions in Zurich, Liechtenstein, Basel and Milano.

Doncho Donchev often collaborates with a group of jazz musicians called “The Golden Project” and paints in front of the crowd on the scene during the live performances of the band.

CERN tends to present projects, which combine art and science and currently the artist is working on a new one that we can’t wait to see.

Source: BNR

„Angel“ – collage

„Angel“ – collage