Another great success for Doncho Donchev – the artist from Dryanovo, and for his native land – Bulgaria
The young artist was invited to show some of his paintings in the main hall of CERN – the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, located on the border between France and Switzerland.
The title of his exhibition was „Particle Metamorhposes“. It included 22 paintings. The theme of the exhibition was “The Creation” and its manifestations in legends, biblical parables and myths. The occasion was the meeting of CERN Staff Association, which took place from 20th to 24th June 2016. There was a strong Bulgarian presence at the meeting as a delegation from Bulgaria also visited CERN at the time.
What is the secret to Doncho Donchev’s success?
Thanks to his talent and hard work, Donchev had a couple of exhibitions in Switzerland. These exhibitions made him known to the public and brought him the approval of the Swiss nation. As a result the Bulgarian embassy in Bern did not hesitate but recommended him immediately. The artist presented a special project, containing images of his works, beforehand. A commission screened and approved the images.
We would like to emphasize that Doncho Donchev was the only Bulgarian at Milan Expo 2015. At the world’s exposition in Milan he painted in front of the public. Before that an exhibition of his was held at the Liechtenstein National Museum. Doncho Donchev is a professional, who experiments and wins public recognition. His works gain more and more significance every day.