Are you a fan of late-summer sea holidays? You know, when the weather is pleasantly warm instead of stifling hot, the sea water is the temperature of lukewarm tea and the throngs of tourists have waned a bit. Well, then Art Complex Anel is just the place for you. The Complex offers its guests a place to relax and rejuvenate in an artistic and tranquil atmosphere. Located in the villa zone of Sozopol, some 35km south of Burgas, it has a transport service from and to the local airport.

The Complex encompasses 13 incredibly beautiful three-storey houses, situated in an area of over 2ha of luscious greenery on the Black Sea coastline. Each of those offers apartments and rooms equipped with all imaginable comforts plus spacious balconies revealing a picturesque view of the sea and the nearby bay. Besides, you get a unique opportunity to see up-close sculptures by some of the most renowned Bulgarian artists, including Krum Da­mya­nov, Valentin Star­chev, Velichko Mine­kov, Pavel Koychev, Vezh­di Rashidov, Emil Popov, Ivan Slavov, etc. Their works are sprinkled all over the complex. This piece of heaven accommodates no more than 100 people at a time, which is another guarantee for your peace and comfort.

You can enjoy the sun and seawater at each of three designated beach areas with umbrellas and lounge chairs. One of those is directly by the sea and the other two are located by seawater pools. If you are in a mood for some active rest, you can always exercise, taking advantage of the gym and the tennis court available, or pamper yourself at the spa. 

Of course, there is also a cosy restaurant on two levels, with two balconies that overlook the wonderful scenery of the sea and the bay. And the food is simply superb. The menu includes everything from freshly caught oysters and fish to delicious dishes and barbeque. If you still prefer to prepare your own food, have no worries. Some of the apartments have kitchen areas equipped with everything you need to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Apropos, Art Complex Anel welcomes visitors year-round. In the winter, the water in one of the pools is heated with the help of solar panels. What a treat!


„Fire-dancer“ – Velichko Minekov

„Horses“- Emil Popov

„Crucifix“ – Krum Slavov