Doncho Donchev and Expo Astana 2017

Doncho Dochev, a very talented Bulgarian artist, participated in Expo Astana 2017 – an International Exposition. At the exposition he painted portraits and amazed everyone with his artistic abilities. One of his works – “Human Energy” will be exhibited at the World Expo Museum in Shanghai.
This year the title of the International Expo in Astana has been “Future energy”. “The exposition is not a commercial event. It aims to present the culture, history, traditions and uniqueness of every country that takes part in it”, explained Doncho Donchev. He went to Kazakhstan on 4-5 September and created 15 portraits. Some of them will remain at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Astana.
When asked, whether it is more important to be popular in Bulgaria or to win global recognition, Doncho Donchev said:
I haven’t really thought about this. With my paintings I aim to reach as many people as possible. I can’t deny that world-wide fame is quite alluring. Bulgaria is part of the world though and that is why I think the notions “national” and
“global” should not exist.”
In an interview for Bulgaria on AIR the artist claimed: I can say for sure that I do not feel sad or unappreciated even though I’m more famous abroad than in my own country. From my point of view it is a waste of energy for a person to concentrate on such things. I try to do my job without overthinking.”
The event Expo 2017 has lasted for 6 months. This year the exposition prioritized the topic of bio energy. The program of the event was wrapped around the following issues: renewable energy sources – consumption, preservation, access and effective management; production control; carbon dioxide emissions and climate change; introduction of energy efficiency programs; “intelligent” energy; innovative development of uranium and nuclear industry.
Doncho Donchev along with six other artists from different countries have been invited to present their works at the next International Exhibition in 2018. Donchev has informed us that he will participate in other big projects as well. The first will be presented in Bulgaria and London and the second – in CERN.
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